Thursday, June 02, 2005

Essential and Concise

EnlightenNixt presents the real story behind Andrew Cohen, his community and his teaching of "evolutionary enlightenment." It is part of an on-going project to warn and enlighten past, present and potential future students about the dangers and pitfalls of getting involved with self-styled guru Andrew Cohen.

Why are we called EnlightenNixt? Andrew Cohen claims that his "evolutionary" teaching is the new, or "next" form of enlightening spirituality. We feel that his conduct and the conduct of his community negates (or "nixes") the potential of enlightenment (however you define that), and has caused harm, not benefit. Unless and until Andrew Cohen is able to acknowledge, show genuine remorse and make amends for his misconduct, the likelihood that he can be a force that is "evolutionary" in a positive sense is essentialy nil.

EnlightenNixt was created as a companion to the WHAT Enlightenment ??! blog to make it easier to find and read its essential articles and discussion. There are no comments on this blog and it will have new posts less frequently than WHAT Enlightenment ??!. Here are the essential articles in chonological order.

See the list to the right? Click on any title to go to that article. Or, you can just scroll down the page. If you're new to this discussion, we suggest starting with the first article, Breaking the Code of Silence, and reading down.

You can still find the original articles with all of the comments from readers, as well as many other fine articles and contributions that are not posted here, on the WHAT Enlightenment ??! site.

We hope you find EnlightenNixt useful and enlightening.